Advisors to Individuals & Families

We understand and respect your role in furthering our mutual clients' goals.

Working with you to uncover your clients’ issues and opportunities allows us to identify where we can help.To that end, our wealth management professionals form strong working partnerships with our clients' attorneys, accountants and other trusted advisors helping to ensure that each client's strategy is both comprehensive and seamlessly executed.

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Access to Knowledge

Our experts work with families every day who are dealing with the same issues as your clients. We'll work with you to deliver unique ideas and insights to further your clients' goals.

Achieving Outcomes

Our partnership can be measured by strengthened relationships between you and your clients.

Deep Networks

We tailor our vast resources based on your needs. As our partner, you have access to our comprehensive network of expertise, knowledge and relationships.

Asset Servicing & Information Management

As the world’s largest asset servicing provider, we make sure that your assets and information are secure through our full range of custody, administration, and reporting services.

Credit & Lending Services

As the oldest U.S. private bank, we have extensive experience in credit and lending–and in the strategies that make them effective components of your wealth plan.

Escrow Services

Escrow arrangements offer a perfect solution when you and another party require property such as cash, securities, real estate or insurance policies, to be held by a third party until certain conditions are met.

Fiduciary Services

One of the largest banks in the world and the creator of the nation’s first trust, we are unrivaled in fiduciary experience.

Investment Management

Our investment management services are dedicated exclusively to the needs of private clients.

Jumbo Mortgages

As a jumbo mortgage lender of primary and vacation homes nationwide, we have unrivaled expertise in creating and managing solutions to meet the needs of our private clients.


With BNY Mellon, your charitable gifts not only serve recipients well, but also remained aligned with your strategic, philanthropic and financial goals.

Private Banking

From checking, savings and online banking to sophisticated financing strategies, we respond to the evolving needs of our clients with customized solutions and personalized service.

Self-Directed Investment Services

Our Cash Management Access Account (CMAA) combines our banking capabilities with our brokerage services in one streamlined solution.

Wealth & Estate Planning

When you’ve been serving wealthy clients for more than two centuries, there are few wealth challenges you haven’t seen – or solved.

Largest US Wealth Manager.1


Percentage of clients who responded they were "more than satisfied" with BNY Mellon Wealth Management.2


We are among the top financial institutions in the world when it comes to private-client assets under management.3

  • 1

    Barron's, 2018

  • 2

    BNY Mellon Wealth Management's 2018 Client Satisfaction Survey

  • 3

    As of March 31, 2019

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